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Altering views queries

I needed to add a outer select query to a view query to remove double rows in the output, which came form the same node being related to two different Organic groups.


Drupal 7 views query alter sql MySQL

Speed up drush make

When using drush make on projects where each repository (or module) have their own makefiles and these declares the same modules over and over again drush will download the same data more than once. The code here will utilize drush's cache to only download a module or library once.


drush make makefiles Drupal 7

Ajaxifying Drupal forms

Sometimes you may want the login form or a contact form to be displayed in a more dynamic way. It could be in modal window and using ajax to submit the form for better user experience. This post provides example modules for Drupal 6 and 7.


Drupal 7 Drupal 6 jQuery UI forms

OpenLayers making polygons interactive in Drupal 7

I have been working with OpenLayers 2.x in Drupal 7 where I needed polygons, loaded from a KML file, to link to Drupal pages when clicked. I ended up create a module that adds a new behaviour to the layer containing the polygons.


Drupal 7 Openlayers JavaScript PHP

Drupal 7 static content expire headers

The users browser don't cache static content, if your web-server don't sets the right expire or max-age headers. Drupal sets these headers for static content in the .htaccess file that comes with Drupal, if you have the expire Apache extension enabled.


Drupal 7 performance cache expire apache2 server

Sending Drupal log enteries to syslog

In Drupal you can log message to the database, which is the standard way to log system events. On high traffic sites this can be come a bottleneck for the database server, so an alternative is to send the log message to the systems logging service.


Drupal 7 Debian logging performance

Speed up MySQL on development laptop (SSD disk)

I had big problems synchronizing MySQL database form the staging and production servers to my laptop. It could take up to 15 minutes for an simple site... now it only takes around 35 seconds.


MySQL Drupal 7 SSD performance

Context inline editor and locked regions

When using the context in-line editor to allow editors to add blocks (nodespotbox) to regions you can lock regions, so editors can't drag & drop blocks into locked regions.


Drupal 7 context nodespotbox

Panels template files using template suggestions

This post explains how to use panels preprocess function to create template suggestions for panes in Drupal 7.


Drupal 7 panels theming PHP
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